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Media contacts

The images can be used free with applying the copyright. If you need more pictures, please contact our spokesperson of the group.

Sven Pusswald

Mag. Sven Pusswald

Head of Corporate Communication & Public Affairs

Ⓒ ÖBB/Andreas Jakwerth

Download 300 dpi

Christine Stockhammer

Mag. Christine Stockhammer

Head of External Communication
Spokesperson of the group

Ⓒ ÖBB/Stefan Knittel

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Konzernpressesprecher Bernhard Rieder

Mag. Bernhard Rieder


Ⓒ ÖBB/Sabine Hauswirth

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Pressesprecher Roman Hahslinger

Roman Hahslinger, MA


Ⓒ ÖBB/photo simonis

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Pressesprecher Christopher Seif

DI Christopher Seif

Spokesperson for Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland

Ⓒ ÖBB/Stögmüller

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Pressesprecher Karl Leitner

Mag. Karl Leitner

Spokesperson for Upper Austria

Ⓒ ÖBB/Scharinger

Download 300 dpi

Pressesprecher Christoph Posch

Ing. Christoph Posch

Spokesperson for Carinthina, East Tyrol, Styria, southern Burgenland

Ⓒ ÖBB/Stögmüller

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