Photo- and Film Permission

Permission is strictly required to take photographs and shoot films in ÖBB premises. The permission can be issued by the ÖBB corporate communications department for editorial purposes. For this, kindly send us the completed form via email to duly before the planned appointment.

For commercial (chargeable) photo- and film permission please contact Please note that the processing of your request will take at least 10 working days.

Note: Until further notice, no commercial shooting and photo shoots can take place on our trains.

Form "Permission to take photographs & film"


Instructions for railroad facilities


With informations of:

  • Time and place (date, time, duration and place)
  • Number of persons involved and the respective activities
  • Content (what is to be presented, what is the story and/or the message, what is the role that ÖBB play there, etc.)
  • Amount of work involved (is it necessary to set up barriers, is a power connection necessary, is it planned to leave the customer areas, are any set-ups necessary, etc.)
  • Purpose of the shots/photographs (on what medium and/or in what format is it to be published, is it a journalistic work, a cinema film, an art film, a documentation, shots for training purposes not to be published, print advertisement, etc.)
  • Please confirm that you agree with the Instructions for railroad facilities.

Furthermore we would like to point out to you that:

  • The permission to take photographs & film is only valid with both signatures (of the contracting party and ÖBB).
  • The permission to take photographs & film is only valid within the Austrian state border (ÖBB trains, ÖBB train stations)
  • An application for a permission to take photographs & film has to be filed at least 3 days before issuance.
  • The permission to take photographs & film has to be presented to our staff upon request on site.
  • The permission to take photographs & film is not deemed a train ticket.
  • Please note that the passengers must be neither bothered nor hampered.
  • Our staff may only be filmed/photographed with their express consent.
  • The ÖBB group accepts no liability in case of damage.

Your request will be processed very quickly and answered by email. For any inquiries and detailed information we might need, please specify a number where we can call you back.